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Helping schools, pre-schools and universities across the world with safety solutions

We work with a number of schools, universities, nurseries and other organisations working in the education space, providing our panic alarm software and other safety and security advice and solutions.

With legislative changes and government requirements to contend with, choosing software which is suited to the specific needs of the education sector is a key challenge for organisations in the space. At Little Green Button, we understand the unique needs of the sector in terms of safeguarding children, young adults and staff.

Truly customisable to your needs

The software solution also allows you to create specific escalation paths, meaning it’s possible to set alerts for each classroom to firstly only call the nearest corridor, then progressively move out if the alert is not responded to.

Or, you could set alerts to trigger specifically on devices used by support staff. There are lots of ways to set up Little Green Button, and our friendly team can help you customise it to meet the precise needs of your school or education building.

Alert Types

We’ve launched a new Alert Types feature, which means you can use different alerts for different situations.

For example, you can use fire, medical emergency or intruder alerts to get the right response as quickly as possible. In schools and education settings where you can’t leave children unattended, it’s essential that you can get help fast – and that’s exactly what the Little Green Button panic alarm system offers.

The perfect solution for the education sector

With some states in the US mandating panic alarm solutions as part of the implementation of Alyssa’s Law, it’s becoming more and more important for schools and education organisations to have panic button systems that work for them.

At Little Green Button, we’ve worked with educational establishments across the globe to provide flexible, customisable systems which are sensitive to the unique needs of the education sector around safeguarding children.

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Keep other patients calm by pressing a silent notification alarm to summon assistance.


Define escalation groups, locations and escalation paths and select from a range of alert types to always get the right response.

Easy to install and use

Our features are easily customisable to suit your organisation and employees.

Works even without internet

We have notifications for lockdown procedures, medical emergencies, intruder alerts and more.

Call for assistance

Whether your call is an medical emergency, a request for an escort or violence incident, you can indicate your requirements at the touch of your on-screen button.

Different escalation paths

Highly customisable alerts dependent on the incident to cover any scenario.

We’re the panic button experts

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