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Safety solutions across the world for a vast range of Government services

Truly customisable to your needs

Little Green Button’s panic alarm software is designed to help those in the government sector keep their buildings and staff safe and secure.

Our affordable software-based solution is customisable, easy to use, and offers robust protection, allowing for quick responses to any incidents that may occur. Covering the breadth of all Government sectors from Local, State, and Federal, Little Green Button offers safety solutions for all public facing staff. Whether it be libraries, police stations, registration centres and courtrooms we’re able to add another level of security to existing safety protocols to help protect teams.

Alert Types

Because the Little Green Button works from your existing computers, it’s discreet and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for offices where you want to keep disturbances to a minimum.

It’s ideal to help quickly defuse a situation, meaning your staff can help keep each other safe.

The perfect solution for the government sector

Working with your Government agency, we are able to quickly set up this additional layer of security across multiple sites efficiently and effectively, bringing savings across large operations with our enterprise level plans.

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Keep other patients calm by pressing a silent notification alarm to summon assistance.


Define escalation groups, locations and escalation paths and select from a range of alert types to always get the right response.

Easy to install and use

Our features are easily customisable to suit your organisation and employees.

Works even without internet

We have notifications for lockdown procedures, medical emergencies, intruder alerts and more.

Dedicated account manager for large organisations

No internet or central server is required, ensuring your safety when other systems let you down.

Different escalation paths

Highly customisable alerts dependent on the incident to cover any scenario.

We’re the panic button experts

See some of our case studies, working with large businesses across different sectors:

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