Jun 10, 2022 | Case Study, Education

St James CE Infant School

In this case study we look at the impact of Little Green Button panic alarms in this education setting. The key issue was creating custom alert types to scale to different team members based on the incident, for example if a child needed medical assistance or if a teacher needed security support.


St James CE Infant School is a small primary school located in Whitehaven, Cumbria. Safeguarding of both the children and staff is of the utmost importance in every aspect of their school life.

The Challenge

Michael Craig, Headteacher, needed to implement a simple and effective safety solution for St James. He’d previously used Little Green Button in another school – for added security when behavioural problems arose – and was keen to use it again having seen how effective it was.

The school needed a way to get alerts out to other staff members, without leaving the children unsupervised. This could be for any number of things – they could be sending a request out for an ice pack, or it could be for part of their lockdown procedure. Little Green Button gave them the flexibilty to continue with the day to day running of the school

The Success

Little Green Button has been successfully installed and embedded at the school. The Teachers are able to communicate effectively with each other, and the children are never left unattended.Using our simple how-to guides, they’ve implemented a process for testing their little green buttons alongside their regular fire alarm drills. Staff are happy and secure in the knowledge that their workplace is safer thanks to LGB.

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