The panic button designed to help keep staff safe.

What is Little Green Button?

The Little Green button is the original on-screen panic button suitable in all workplace environments which can be discreetly activated to request immediate assistance from colleagues.

Should your staff feel threatened or find themselves in a potentially vulnerable and worrying situation, a simple click on the Little Green Button icon ensures an immediate alert is sent out via the duress alarm system. Often a quick response from someone close by is all that’s needed to prevent a situation from getting out of hand.

All staff have a right to be safe at work and the Little Green Button is the perfect solution to ensure this. It provides peace of mind for staff knowing that they can call for help whenever they feel the need.

The perfect panic button for office and business environments.

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Start your FREE 21 day trial today!

When could you use the Little Green Button alarm software?

A member of the public becomes angry with customer services or reception staff

Somebody collapses and you need to call for help without leaving the patient.

A person becomes threatening during a private consultation

The Little Green Button is ideal to use in schools, healthcare, government and public sector organisations, as well as charities and any corporate organisations where staff interact with members of the public. This alarm software is designed to help keep employees safe, allows the user to request immediate assistance during, e.g, a medical emergency and can prevent aggressive or potentially life-threatening situations from spiraling out of control.

For businesses

What if you have receptionists or front of house staff? They are used to dealing with members of the public on a daily basis, however what happens if someone is rude, aggressive, threatening or excessively confrontational? Your receptionist, night porter or clerical assistant would feel threatened and therefore require immediate support from a colleague. With our duress system, help is summoned quickly, effectively and discreetly. This avoids inflaming an already tense environment and reassures staff with the knowledge that back up is only moments away.

In healthcare

Imagine you are a clinician – consultations on a one-to-one basis with patients is an everyday occurrence. However, what happens if during one of these consultations a patient suddenly becomes extremely unwell? How do you raise the alarm? Do you shout for help? Call reception or the emergency services for assistance? Leave the room (if you are able to) leaving the patient alone? What if someone becomes violent or aggressive? Do you shout for help further angering the patient? Situations like this happen everyday. Little Green Button’s duress system allows staff to feel safe in the workplace, knowing that with just a simple click on the Little Green Button icon on their desktop, help is on its way.

For government

Government agencies who deal with the public on a daily basis are particularly at risk from threatening behaviour. The Little Green Button panic alarm system for office is discreet but effective; help can arrive before an assailant is aware that a panic alarm has even been triggered. This computer based panic button is already working successfully in council offices, libraries and many other office and work places around the world.

In education

Perhaps you are the headteacher of a school. Safeguarding your staff and pupils is of utmost importance. But throughout much of the school day, one sole teacher is responsible for the safety of a classroom full of pupils. What happens if one of them suddenly becomes unwell? An epileptic seizure, for example, requires immediate medical assistance. How do you call for this help? Leave the room (and therefore the pupils unattended) to make a phone call? Email the office and hope for the best? Send a child to knock on the reception office or staff room door? These options are far less than ideal. However, with the Little Green Button duress alarm system, one simple click using the classroom computer will ensure immediate help is on its way. With the Little Green Button, the teacher is able to stay with their class – ensuring all pupils are safe whilst being confident that help is on its way thanks to this school panic button system.

Why choose a computer based duress alarm system?

It works

A rapid response prevents the escalation of an incident

Easy to install

Simply download the software from this website

Easy to use

The button floats above all running programs so it can be accessed quickly in an emergency


The duress alarm can be raised without alerting anyone other than staff.

Low cost

It uses your existing computers and networks thereby keeping the cost low.

Always available

From the moment you log on to your PC; it even works if your internet connection is lost

User friendly

A physical panic alarm button or keyboard shortcut can be used to trigger the duress alarm should you prefer.

Support available

Access to our support team is included in the licence fee so no extra costs to you

How does this panic button work?

The Little Green Button floats on top of all other applications and the panic button can be activated in multiple ways – clicking on the Little Green button itself, clicking on the icon in the System Tray, pressing keys on your keyboard or by pressing the physical Big Green Button (available to purchase separately).

  1. Double click the Little Green Button
  2. Alerts are displayed on all connected devices, showing that you require assistance and giving your location
  3. Colleagues will come directly to your assistance whilst notifying others that they are responding.

With our new Groups functionality, you are able to decide who is able to send and receive alerts, as well as who responds to alerts when the alarm is triggered. You can even send alerts to off site locations or to your security team.

Unlike other systems, you don’t need to connect to a central server and it can even work without an internet connection.

For more information on how this system works click here