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The original on-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. Reassurance that a helping hand is just a click away.

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Easy to install

Little Green Button is quick and easy to install – simply download the software or app on your desktop and mobile devices.

Easy to use

It’s just a click of a button on your iOS or desktop app.

Define locations

Define locations and workspaces ensuring Little Green Button is effective for your whole team.

Easily Customisable

Our features are easily customisable to suit your organisation and employees.

Escalation groups

We have notifications for lockdown procedures, medical emergencies, intruder alerts and more.

No internet required

No internet or central server is required, ensuring your safety when other systems let you down.


Alerts can be raised to relevant employees discreetly and without fanfare to ensure de-escalation.

Low cost

Little Green Button works across your existing computers and networks, without the need for any costly upgrades or maintenance.

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