Protecting Staff in Healthcare

The original on-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. Reassurance that a helping hand is just a click away.

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Helping everyone in doctors surgeries, dentists and hospitals stay safe

We understand the unique challenges that organisations in this industry face in terms of keeping buildings and staff safe, secure and supported.

We’re proud of all our clients in the healthcare industry. We work with dentist’s offices, doctor’s surgeries and hospitals across the UK and beyond to keep their staff and patients safe.

Customisable to
your exact needs

With Little Green Button, you can also set up custom specific escalation paths.

This means you could, for example, set an alert from each treatment room to ping back to reception when the room is empty. Little Green Button is customisable, discreet, and easy to use, making it easy to set up to work for your precise needs. Plus, with our new Alert Types feature, you can use different alerts for different situations like a fire, medical emergency or intruder, making it even easier to get the right information out there quickly, when it really matters.

Works alongside your
existing security systems

We know that many organisations in this space also operate intercom systems, or other room availability systems.

Little Green Button is designed to operate alongside these systems, adding emergency alert functionality to your security procedures; or we can work with you to replace them with one system. We’re here to help you find the security procedures that work best for you. We’ve worked with a number of different doctor’s surgeries, dentist’s offices and hospitals to create, define and implement safety protocols designed flexibly around their needs.

Enterprise level panic alarm solution for healthcare

At Little Green Button, we understand that in big, multi-site or multi-building locations like hospitals need a panic alarm solution that’s designed for them.

That’s why we built the Little Green Button software to be easy to deploy and manage across large scale locations. You can specifically customise alert groups and escalation paths to make sure the alert goes out to the right people, whether that’s security teams, nearby colleagues or even those in other hospital buildings. And, our iOS app makes it easier to keep roving members of staff safe, as they can use location based alerts if they need help, no matter where they are across your hospital building.

Little Green Button really is the perfect software based panic alarm for healthcare.


Keep other patients calm by pressing a silent notification alarm to summon assistance.


Define escalation groups, locations and escalation paths and select from a range of alert types to always get the right response.

Easy to install and use

Our features are easily customisable to suit your organisation and employees.

Works even without internet

We have notifications for lockdown procedures, medical emergencies, intruder alerts and more.

Perfect for multi -site businesses

Define locations and workspaces ensuring Little Green Button is effective for your whole team.

Different escalation paths

Highly customisable alerts dependent on the incident to cover any scenario.

We’re the panic button experts

See some of our case studies, working with large businesses across different sectors:

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