What is a panic alarm system?

Dec 19, 2019 | Education, Panic Alarm

Incidents of aggression towards employees are reportedly on the rise. A panic alarm system can be a highly effective way of providing reassurance to staff and, in the instance of a situation arising, helping prevent circumstances escalating into a harmful event.

Once the preserve of banks and other institutions handling large volumes of cash, modern panic alarm systems can be used anywhere where staff may need to summon help quickly. This will most commonly be when they are feeling threatened. But it can also be helpful in the case of someone being taken ill on your premises to summon a first aider quickly.

How does a panic alarm system work?

Panic alarm systems come in a range of shapes and sizes, but they are all comprised of two main elements:

  • A button
  • A communication system.

The button may be a physical panic button found, for example, under a counter. It could also be a smaller device which staff can carry with them. Or, increasingly, this could be a digital button on a computer’s desktop or app. The key requirement is that this button can be triggered quickly, silently and unobtrusively by someone feeling under threat or in need of help when it may be unsafe or uncomfortable to call for help in another way.

The appearance of digital options has helped expand the reach of panic alarm systems, making them easy to deploy to an entire workforce in a cost-effective way.

The communication system is the means by which help is summoned. The alert could be sent to an off-site alarm monitoring centre or on-site security hub. However, for many settings, sending this alert to non-security colleagues is sufficient. The very act of another person arriving on the scene of an incident, regardless of who they are, can be enough to diffuse a difficult interaction quickly and without the need for physical force.

Modern panic alarm systems can be configured to alert as many or as few potential responders as deemed appropriate. This flexibility means there will be a solution to suit virtually any set of circumstances.

Where can panic alarm systems be used?

The beauty of modern panic alarm systems like Little Green Button is that they can bring benefits to almost any organisation. However, they are particularly suited to industries and settings with frequent contact with the public.

Schools, healthcare settings, council offices, customer service counters, retail premises, HR interview rooms and security checkpoints are all prime candidates. There’s a strong case for saying every reception area across the world would be a safer place if it had a panic alarm system in place – you never know who is going to walk through your front door!

Anyone working behind closed doors or in a remote location can be made safer by giving them easy access to a panic alarm system button. Lone workers, for example, can face a unique set of risks to their personal safety. Knowing they have a quick, reliable way to call for help if needed can immediately give them added reassurance.

How employers can benefit

Any good employer should put the safety of their staff high on the agenda simply because they value their team. Beyond that, they do hold a legal duty of care to ensure employees are safe while they work. A panic alarm system can help them fulfil that obligation. Simply having the reassurance that help is at hand can make for a happier workforce who are able to get on with their day job rather than worrying about their security.

The consequences of an assault taking place in the workplace – including anxiety and physical injury – can leave employees unable to work for a long time. If the employer is found lacking in their provision for staff safety, there may also be costly legal proceedings to follow. Providing a system that can help prevent assaults before they happen makes good commercial sense.

The case for installing a panic alarm system

Emergencies are unpredictable. There is no excuse for waiting for an incident to happen before taking action and installing a panic alarm system. They can save lives. It’s as simple as that!

The right system can:

  • Reassure staff that they can get help quickly if they need it
  • Prevent escalation of a situation
  • Prevent, or minimise, harm to staff, equipment and premises
  • Help fulfil legal obligations around employee safety.

Little Green Button offers a flexible, cost-effective panic alarm solution for businesses of all sizes. Read more about how it works, or speak to a member of our team.