The Team – Smile Frankish, Chief Operating Officer

Welcome to our interview with Smile Frankish, the Chief Operating Officer at Little Green Button.

Smile combines her unwavering commitment to delivering world-class client interactions with a fervent desire to champion excellence in top-tier management. Smile’s insights and strategies have been pivotal in steering Little Green Button’s growth and innovation in a competitive technological environment.

As we journey through her day, delve into her strategies, and uncover the mechanics of Little Green Button’s global operations, you’ll discover the depth of knowledge and commitment Smile brings to her role.

Smile, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today?

I grew up in rural Lincolnshire, and moved to Norwich to study at the UEA in 2012.

I studied French and Spanish, and then stuck around to do a Masters specialising in Translation/Interpreting. I was lucky enough to spend a year abroad as part of my studies, where I enjoyed living and working in various parts of France and volunteering with children in Peru.

I’ve got nearly a decade of customer-facing experience (a mixture of hospitality, food & beverage, and social media) and am obsessed with top-tier customer service and client communications. I’m also really passionate about getting more women into senior management roles.

As the COO, what is your role in aligning the operational strategy of Little Green Button  with its overall business goals and objectives?

As the COO of Little Green Button, I work closely with the rest of the executive team to define and execute operational initiatives that support the company’s growth and success.

Give us a snapshot in a day in the life of your role…

A day in the life of my role involves overseeing various different aspects of the business. This includes managing people,  collaborating with different departments, monitoring performance metrics, reviewing financial and budgetary information, optimising processes, and fostering a culture of operational excellence.

How has your role changed over time?

Over time, my role has evolved to adapt to the changing needs of the company. As Little Green Button has grown, my focus has shifted from primarily managing day-to-day operations to more strategic initiatives, such as scalability, international expansion, and operational efficiency.

Can you discuss your experience in overseeing and optimising operational processes within a SaaS organisation? How do you ensure efficiency and scalability in delivering Little Green Button ‘s services to customers?

In overseeing and optimising operational processes within a SaaS organisation like Little Green Button, I prioritise efficiency and scalability. I try and streamline workflows, implement automation where possible, and regularly assess and refine processes to ensure the smooth delivery of our services to customers.

What strategies do you employ to drive continuous improvement and innovation within the operations of Little Green Button ? How do you foster a culture of operational excellence?

Continuous improvement and innovation are crucial to our operational success. I try and encourage a culture of operational excellence by fostering a collaborative and transparent environment. We actively seek employee input, promote cross-departmental collaboration, and invest in ongoing training and development initiatives to drive innovation and personal and professional growth.


How do you prioritise resource allocation and budget management to support the growth and expansion plans of Little Green Button  while ensuring operational efficiency?

Resource allocation and budget management are key aspects of my role. I try to prioritise investments that will support Little Green Button’s growth and expansion plans while ensuring operational efficiency. Strategic decision-making and regular performance analysis help optimise resource allocation and maximise ROI.

Little Green Button  serves over 100,000 customers. How do you ensure effective customer onboarding, implementation, and support processes to drive customer success and retention?

Effective customer onboarding, implementation, and support processes are essential for driving customer success and retention. We have developed standardised processes and dedicated customer success teams to ensure smooth onboarding, provide ongoing support, and proactively address customer needs.

Can you discuss your approach to managing vendor relationships and strategic partnerships to enhance the operational capabilities of Little Green Button ?

Managing vendor relationships and strategic partnerships is vital for enhancing our operational capabilities. I foster strong relationships with vendors and partners, establishing clear expectations, regular communication, and collaboration to leverage their expertise and technology to benefit Little Green Button and our customers.


What metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) do you use to monitor and evaluate the performance of operational processes within Little Green Button ?

To monitor and evaluate operational performance, we use a range of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). These may include customer satisfaction metrics, service-level agreements (SLAs), operational efficiency ratios, and financial indicators. We analyse these metrics to identify areas for improvement and drive operational enhancements aligned with our business objectives.

As the COO, how do you collaborate with other C-level executives and departments, such as sales, marketing, product development, and customer success, to ensure cross-functional alignment and drive overall organisational success?

As the COO, I collaborate closely with other C-level executives and departments to ensure cross-functional alignment and drive overall organisational success. This involves regular communication, setting shared goals, and fostering a collaborative and inclusive culture to maximise synergies across different teams.

In your opinion, what sets Little Green Button  apart from its competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and overall user experience?

What sets Little Green Button apart from its competitors is our strong focus on customer satisfaction and overall user experience. We prioritise understanding our customers’ needs, providing personalised support, and continuously improving our products and services based on their feedback. Our commitment to excellence and the value we place on customer relationships truly differentiate us in the market.






Smile Frankish

Smile Frankish

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