The Team – Jade Newbold, Head of Marketing

Welcome to our interview with Jade Newbold, the Head of Marketing at Little Green Button.

With a diverse background spanning 25 years in marketing, Jade brings a wealth of experience from companies like Cisco and Vodafone, as well as working with agencies and small businesses. Hailing from Australia, Jade’s global perspective and passion for technology and AI, combined with her fascination with psychology, make her a valuable asset to the Little Green Button team. Let’s delve into Jade’s insights and expertise in driving impact in marketing strategies for Little Green Button in the safety and security industry.

Jade, tell us a little bit about a day in the life in Marketing at Little Green Button…

As the Head of Marketing at Little Green Button, my role is all about getting creative and putting our customer at the heart of everything we do. A typical day involves crunching the numbers; looking at analytics and sentiment to see what people are enjoying in our content, then coming up with great campaigns that appeal to our diverse and varied customer base, then creating engaging content and messages to really connect with those people. 

Can you tell us more about those customers and how you connect with them?

We believe in the power of our customers, so we’ve created campaigns that focus on their needs and challenges. By sharing their success stories and testimonials, we are really proud that we can build trust and show potential customers what we’re capable of. To make sure our marketing strategies are truly customer-led, we listen to our customers. We gather their feedback and insights through surveys, interviews, and analytics. We have a customer advisory board to understand the sectors we serve and how to address their specific issues. This helps with every aspect of the business from the tech roadmap, to product development and our communications plans.

Little Green Button operates globally. How do you tailor marketing efforts to resonate with customers from different regions and industries while maintaining a consistent brand message?

Since we operate globally, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We tailor our marketing efforts to different regions and industries, but we always stay true to our brand. We do our homework by constantly researching different markets, cultural differences, and industry requirements. This way, we can create targeted campaigns that really speak to our customers in different parts of the world. Its a really fun part of marketing to localise campaigns for different regions. It puts you in the shoes of another personal walk of life and I really enjoy that part.

What steps do you take to continuously analyse and understand customer behaviour, preferences, and pain points to refine marketing strategies and enhance customer engagement?

And we’re all about continuous improvement. By analysing customer behaviour and preferences, we fine-tune our marketing strategies to keep our customers informed and educated. Our customers often feedback to us that our email newsletter helps to keep them informed of safety and security news, which drives us to provide the best possible content to support them in their day to day lives at work.

How do you collaborate with other departments, such as sales and customer success, to ensure that marketing efforts are closely aligned with the customer journey and support the overall customer experience?

For me, collaboration is key. I am a people person (possibly a little too chatty!) and like to connect with my colleagues.  We work closely with our sales and customer success teams to make sure our marketing efforts align with the customer journey. By working together, we create a seamless experience for our customers, from the first contact to long-term satisfaction.

Little Green Button serves customers in safety and security industries. How do you ensure that marketing messages and content are tailored to address the regulatory requirements of these industries?  

First and foremost, we listen so that we really understand the unique pain points of our customers including the regulatory frameworks and requirements in the sectors we serve.  We tailor our product development roadmap to continually monitor and improve upon these concerns. Little Green Button provides reliable, tested and compliant solutions that enhance safety and security.  

In your opinion, what sets Little Green Button apart from its competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and overall user experience?

There are several things that I feel set us apart from the competition, primarily it’s is our unwavering commitment to exceptional service and groundbreaking solutions.  Every person in our team is comapssionate and genuinely cares that our product helps save lives every day. We’re all about customer success, going above and beyond to meet their needs. We’re always improving, responsive, and providing personalised support to ensure our customers have a great experience.  

Jade Newbold

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