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The Team – Alex Jay, Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to our interview with Alex Jay, the dynamic CEO at Little Green Button.

Alex boasts a rich background in market research and data-driven performance, carrying a robust commitment to continuous professional development. His leadership style marries hard work with a strong devotion to team learning, making him a pivotal figure in steering Little Green Button’s journey. Beyond his professional endeavours, Alex embraces a vibrant lifestyle filled with family, friends, and the imaginative world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Join us as we explore Alex’s unique perspectives and adept strategies that continue to foster growth, innovation, and a proactive safety culture at Little Green Button in the rapidly evolving safety technology industry.


Alex, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got to where you are today?

My background is in market research and data driven performance and I am a big advocate for continuous professional development; with both the LGB team and myself always learning something new. When I am not working hard at shaping the company’s future, I love spending time with my family and friends and can often be found playing Dungeons and Dragons.

It’s a privilege to lead a team of talented individuals who have a shared goal of ensuring that staff feel safe and protected in their workplace. Since joining Little Green Button in 2019 we have expanded into several new territories and continue to innovate with new features and enhancements ensuring we remain best in market for our services. During this period of rapid growth we have also maintained a high standard of customer success building long lasting relationships with our customer base, something we are really proud of.

Can you provide an overview of Little Green Button and its mission as an onscreen panic alarm software company?

Originating from the pioneering realm of digital healthcare, our journey began under the banner of Wiggly Amps. We offered a range of transformative online services such as interactive check-in screens at GP surgeries, seamless weight measurements, comprehensive consultations, and streamlined prescription services. Our innovative solutions extended to creating and maintaining GP websites, revolutionising the digital presence in healthcare.

In 2019, Boots recognised our potential and acquired Wiggly Amps, leveraging our innovative technology to give their customers unprecedented access to their GP records for ordering prescriptions online. This pivotal move was a stepping stone towards empowering individuals to manage their healthcare needs more effectively and efficiently. It not only simplified and expedited the process for patients, but also provided robust support to the NHS over the long term.

The acquisition of Wiggly Amps paved the way for the formation of Little Green Button and our sister company Engage Health, to chart their own course of growth and development. We are proud of our history and we remain committed to our mission of helping keep staff safe around the globe.

Little Green Button is an onscreen panic alarm software company with a mission to help keep staff safe. Our software provides a reliable and efficient solution for organisations to summon immediate assistance from colleagues in emergency situations. Although this sounds simple the majority of workplaces are reactive, only seeking to implement policy, procedure and technology once an incident has occurred onsite. We are constantly trying to educate and advise workplaces across all sectors about the benefits of a proactive approach and how this can reduce workplace violence as well as improve staff wellbeing and retention.

We’ve crafted a comprehensive guides designed to empower businesses in enhancing their employees’ safety. Resources range from checklists for safety in various sectors as well as a guide “Go from reactive to proactive” and a valuable 5 step frameworks for conducting dynamic risk assessments.

As the CEO, what is your vision for the future of Little Green Button ? How do you plan to drive the company’s growth and expansion in the market?

Little Green Button is on a path to become a global leader in the safety technology industry. To drive growth and expansion, we are focussing on expanding our market reach, enhancing our product offerings, and establishing strategic partnerships. We are also investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of innovation.

And by integrating with other emerging technologies, we aim to create a cohesive safety ecosystem. This synergy will not only maximise our service efficiency but also enhance the user experience significantly.

To keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology, we are ramping up our investment in research and development. This will ensure we consistently innovate and introduce cutting-edge safety solutions to the market, reinforcing our leadership position in the industry.


What are the core values of Little Green Button ? How do these values influence the company culture and the way you work?

COLA ! ‘Compassion, Ownership, Learning & Loving what we do’ encompasses our approach to everything at Little Green Button from supporting each other as a team to helping our customers. I’m proud of the team who go above and beyond for customers to ensure they meet their objectives and get the best possible experience. They are also fantastic at supporting each other during difficult times such as during COVID to maintain great communication, support each others well-being and ensure business continuity – they really are superstars!

Be Compassionate
Take Ownership
Always Learning
Love what we do

Can you share any success stories or examples of how Little Green Button has made a significant impact on improving safety or security for its customers?

We are always humbled when our customers share stories of how Little Green Button assisted in the resolution of a challenging scenario. We see thousands of alerts across our network each month and we recognise that these aren’t just numbers on a screen, these are real situations with staff on the frontline. It is always reassuring to hear feedback from customers on how Little Green Button contributed in keeping them safe, de-escalating a situation or speeding up the response time from a colleague. 

In your opinion, what sets Little Green Button  apart from its competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and overall user experience?

What sets Little Green Button apart from its competitors is our 18 year history of unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and overall user experience. We prioritise understanding our customers’ unique needs and challenges, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. We provide comprehensive on-boarding and implementation support, ensuring a smooth transition and effective utilisation of our software. Our dedicated customer success team remains proactive in addressing customer inquiries, providing ongoing training, and assisting with any technical issues. Moreover, we actively listen to customer feedback and continually enhance our products based on their input. Our focus on delivering exceptional customer service, combined with our user-friendly interface and reliable functionality, differentiates us and ensures that our customers have a positive and satisfying experience when using Little Green Button.




Alex Jay

Alex Jay

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