Meet the Big Green Button

Reliable physical panic alarm for visible security

The Big Green Button is a physical panic alarm that integrates seamlessly with the Little Green Software. Ideal for fixed locations where you want to add a visual deterrent while still offering staff the ease of use of our discreet panic alarm software.

These physical panic alarms integrate seamlessly with the rest of your Little Green Button setup. You can add them to only some specific locations or use them everywhere.

Big Green button

Staff can press the Big Green Button, which functions the same way as clicking the alarm button on our Little Green Button software. This will send an alert to other members of staff that they need help.

The Big Green Button changes its colour to show its status. It’ll be green to show that it’s ready and waiting, red if it’s been pressed and assistance is required, or yellow once someone has confirmed that they’re on the way to help.


Visual Deterrent

Simple visual deterrent when placed on desk, discreet if tucked away.


USB connection for compatibility with any PC.

Always There

Works even when the computer screen is locked, or the screensaver is active


Can be mounted on or under desks or on walls.


Quick and easy to set up


Little Green Button

Seamless integration with the rest of your Little Green Button set up.

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