Installing and configuring Little Green Button

How do I install Little Green Button on multiple workstations?

Installing Little Green Button on to the computers in your office doesn’t necessarily require a physical visit to each workstation. System administrators use technologies such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (or equivalent) to remotely install software to large groups of computers around their business. If you plan to remotely install Little Green Button using such a technology then please visit our help pages for further guides.

How does Little Green Button work with firewalls?

During installation Little Green Button automatically configures Windows Firewall (if present) with the necessary exceptions. However, if a 3rd party firewall is being used the system administrator must manually create the exception. Please visit our help pages for full instructions.

How should Little Green Button be configured for Proxy Servers & Gateways?

Little Green Button uses http resources hosted at www.littlegreenbutton.com.  If a network proxy or gateway prevents access to such resources it must be configured with an exception that allows http and https access to *.www.littlegreenbutton.com.  Be aware that these resources are required both for

  • logged-on interactive users (running exe) and
  • the Local System Account (running the service exe).

For further technical information please visit our help pages.

Does Little Green Button work on a Mac?

The Little Green Button is currently not compatible with Apple Macs or iPhones.

Your Little Green Button trial and licence

Is the trial download a complete version?

Yes, please try the complete software – fully functioning – for 21 days for free.

If you decide to go ahead you simply right-click on the button and click ‘licensing’ to purchase a license whenever you like. Any remaining free days will be added to your licence.

How do we buy Little Green Button for our organisation?

First download a free trial (this is the full working version of the Little Green Button software).

You can then purchase the Little Green Button at any point during your trial by visiting our licensing site (through your Little Green Button). The software will then be licensed and will continue to work and any remaining free trial days will be added to your licence.

How much does Little Green Button cost?

For a standard Little Green Button licence covering up to 50 PCs it costs £175 +VAT per year. We can also provide Little Green Button to more devices.  To find out more about our pricing click here

Is it a one-off cost or per year?

The licence is renewed annually. The licence fee is a support fee – whenever you have an issue we are here to help.

Is there support available if I need it and does it cost extra?

The Little Green Button licence fee includes a full support package.

If at any time you experience problems or just need some assistance you can contact our helpdesk by telephone on +44 (0) 1263 834 648 or our US number +1 (774) 314-9783 between 8am-5pm UK time) or email support@littlegreenbutton.com

I have more than one site but no more than 50 computers over the sites, can I have them under one licence?

Yes you can. You simply pay for a licence that covers the number of PCs where you would like to install Little Green Button, it does not matter how many sites this covers.

However, if you would like alerts to cross those sites and they are on different subnets you will need to contact us so that we can help you configure the software.

Using Little Green Button

How do I know if the Little Green Button is going to work for my organisation?

Try it! Download a free 21 day trial, there is no obligation to buy. The trial is the fully functioning version of the software so you can install it on as many of your PCs as you wish and test it to see if it suits your requirements.

I use several different software programs, will it be compatible with everything?

Yes, the Little Green Button works with all programs.

It floats above any programs running, so is always available and visible if needed. The alerts that appear if anyone activates a Little Green Button also appear above all programs running.

Does it call the police?

No, it alerts all the people in your building using the Little Green Button software- a fast local reaction can often calm a situation before it develops. Please follow your companies procedures as to whether the emergency services are called following an alert, and when it is appropriate to do so.

Does it make any noise?

There is no audible alarm from the PC where the Little Green Button has been triggered, it has been designed this way so you can request assistance silently and safely without, for example, alerting the threatening person in a hostile situation or startling the patient in a medical emergency situation.

On each PC, each user can opt to have an audible alarm sound when an alert appears if they wish. Obviously this would only work if the PC has speakers and a sound card.

I prefer to use an under the desk panic button.

No problem, we can supply those too. Panic buttons that connect to your PC are available for those that prefer a physical button and these are compatible with the Little Green Button software.

What happens if I click on the Little Green Button accidentally?

The panic alarm is only triggered by a double click. If you do double click on the button in error then simply double click again to cancel the alarm:

Alternatively, right click on the button and select Assistance No Longer Required from the menu:

The alert that will have already displayed on the other computers will change to show that the alert has been cancelled:

We strongly advise that cancelled requests are still followed up.

What should I do about a cancelled alert?

Somebody near to the location should still respond to check that all is ok. It is a good idea to nominate certain staff to check all alerts, even if it is just a phone call or instant message to the location to confirm that all is well.

What happens if there is more than one alert?

Little Green Button can cope with multiple alerts, it will display them in a cascading fashion so that none are missed. It will also help you by bringing the most important alerts (those that have not yet been responded to) to the front.

You can click on any of the alerts in the background to bring them to the front to be viewed. Red alerts which require a response will always return to the front if left for a few seconds.

Will I be able to change the size of the button?

Yes, simply click and drag the button handle.

Move your mouse cursor over the green button, the square ‘handle’ will appear to the bottom right of the button. Left click on this handle, hold your left mouse button down and drag inwards or outwards until the button is the desired size. Release your mouse button.

Note: you will also have the option to hide the desktop button. Although you will always have the small button that remains in the System Tray should you need it.

Will I be able to move the button around the screen?

Yes – you can always click and drag the Little Green Button to any position on your computer screen.

Left click on the green button, hold your mouse button down and drag the button to the desired position on screen. Release your mouse button.

Should we test the system?

Just like a fire alarm and smoke detector you should routinely test the Little Green Button. The test should ensure that computers are showing the alerts, that the Little Green Button is correctly configured for its location (Right click on the button – Alter Location) and that all staff know how they should react to an alert.

How does the Little Green Button app work?

Little Green Button for Mobile integrates with our Little Green Button PC Based Panic Alarm System. The system allows you to discreetly request assistance from your own colleagues.

If your work could potentially place you in a difficult or dangerous situation, our Little Green Button app will give you confidence in the knowledge that help can easily be requested from afar. Sometimes a phone call to the police is inappropriate or too difficult.

This app is packed with all the features you’d expect from Little Green Button plus a few extras including: location tracking, maps and the ability to be alerted to an emergency by either vibration, sound or both.