The Reporting Module

Little Green Button’s Reporting Module provides essential insights for enhanced safety management, leveraging data for proactive security.


Empower your safety management with a robust Reporting feature, providing deep analytics on every alert aspect, from initiators to response times.

Detailed, actionable insights for enhanced security and compliance:

Enhance your safety protocols using Little Green Button’s Reporting feature, offering comprehensive analytics from alert origins to response durations. Its sophisticated export and filtering functions are essential for insightful, data-led decisions, reinforcing compliance and elevating security strategies. And you can even visualise an incident as it unfolds in real-time, providing a clear and comprehensive overview.

Key features:

Comprehensive Analysis

Gain in-depth insights into each alert, enabling you to measure and refine your security protocols. Perform thorough risk assessments and proactive planning based on real data, ensuring a robust security framework.

Full Audit Trail

Full trail for easy compliance and safety insights. This feature simplifies compliance reporting and offers valuable insights into your safety measures, making it easier to demonstrate adherence to industry regulations and standards.

Informed decision

Utilise detailed, data-driven insights to allocate resources effectively and improve response strategies. This streamlined approach to data analysis enhances your ability to respond swiftly and appropriately to various scenarios.

Included in the reports:

Live Timeline View:

Experience real-time oversight with Little Green Button’s Timeline View, offering instant, chronological visualisation of every alert event.

Detailed Log of Alerts:

Access complete information on: 

Alert Initiators

Know who triggered the alert.

Alert Timing

Understand when the alert was raised.

Alert Types

Differentiate between types like fire, medical, or lockdown.

Location and Device

Identify where the alert was initiated and through which device.

Responders and Response Times

See who responded and how quickly.

Escalation Levels

Track how the alert was escalated within the organisation.

Accessing the Module for existing customers is straightforward

Log in to My.LGB and view the alert log through your dashboard or the ‘Reports’ tab

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