Sep 7, 2022 | Release Notes

Release Notes – LGB Windows Version 3.10

Main objective of release is to introduce “nicknames” to Windows users to match functionality seen in the mobile app. This will also provide more contextual information to your alert messages. Additional changes included updating the user menu to reflect changes for accessing support and my.lgb as well as including assets which will be utilised in upcoming features (customisable alert types).

LGB Windows Username
You can now set a friendly username which appears in addition to location when sending and receiving alerts. This matches the functionality seen on LGB mobile at present.

Image Assets
We’ve included a folder of images in this latest install which we plan to utilise in an upcoming feature for customisable alert types. We included this early as we understand that downloading a new version can be challenging so are trying to include as many features / assets in each release as possible to reduce the number of builds and times you might need to update.

LGB Windows Menu
We’ve changed the menu options to reflect changes to our support flows and the way we access my.lgb. This hopefully makes it clearer and more concise.

Host Name Sent to
This is preparation for an upcoming feature which will allow your portal to prepopulate a list of available host names when configuring devices/locations. This means that subsequent releases will be more seamless for you as a customer.