PC Based Panic Alarm System

The original on-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. Reassurance that a helping hand is just a click away.


Difficult situation

Raising an alert

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel under threat, require urgent assistance or there is a medical emergency, simply double click on the Little Green Button icon. Your button will then turn red to confirm the alert status. Once a member of your team has responded, the Little Green Button icon will turn yellow, so you know that help is on the way.

Help is on the way

Receiving & Responding

As soon as the Little Green Button is triggered, an alert message pops up on every PC on the network that has Little Green Button running. It will appear above all programs and will remain there until someone responds. The alert displays the location where the duress alarm has been triggered and the number of users currently available to respond. It can also include a phone number and map showing the location.

Panic Button

Management Portal

Configure and manage your account through our dedicated portal. This allows you to define locations, create groups and manage escalation paths. This can be utilised to notify a specific group first, and if no response is received, send a wider alert out to multiple teams or all users.

Panic Button

Big Green Button

The Big Green Button plugs directly into your PC and allows staff to press a physical button when they need help. The colour of the Big Green Button changes to show its status (green for ready, red for assistance required and yellow to show help is on its way). It even works if your computer has been locked, or when the screensaver is active.

Learn more about the Big Green Button

Panic Button

Mobile App

Little Green Button duress system is also available as a Smartphone app for Android and iOS devices. This app is packed with all the features you’d expect from Little Green Button’s panic alarm  including location tracking, maps and the ability to be alerted to an emergency by either vibration, sound or both.

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