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At Little Green Button, our priority is helping businesses across the globe keep their staff safe. Our panic alarm software is affordable, robust and customisable, so you can tailor it to the exact needs of your office building.

Office safety is becoming more and more of a priority in today’s business landscape. But not everybody can have dedicated security teams or work in buildings with gated access or reception areas. Little Green Button’s panic alarm software is perfect for offices that need to add some security using their existing IT infrastructure.

What is Little Green Button?

The Little Green Button is a piece of software that works using your existing laptops, desktops or mobile phones to provide an easy-to-use panic alarm solution for offices and office buildings.

It allows members of staff across your building to call for assistance if they needed to. Other members of staff will then be alerted to respond to help defuse the situation, or provide other assistance.

Customisable to your building

We know that every office is different. That’s why we built Little Green Button to be easy to set up and customise to your exact needs. You can set up custom escalation paths, so that only certain people are alerted. For example, you could set up Little Green Button to only alert people who are on the same floor as the person who requires assistance. Or, you could set it to only notify those in the same team.

We also have a new Alert Types feature, which means you can use different alerts for different situations. These include fire, medical emergency or intruder alerts, and you can set custom paths for each of these alerts. Using this system, you could ensure that only those who are first aid trained could respond to a medical emergency, or quickly alert your fire marshal of a potential fire.

A discreet option for offices

Because the Little Green Button works from your existing computers, it’s discreet and easy to use, making it the perfect choice for offices where you want to keep disturbances to a minimum. It’s ideal to help quickly defuse a situation, meaning your staff can help keep each other safe. It’s compatible with hot desking, too, so even if your staff have no fixed desks or locations, Little Green Button can help keep them safe.

You can also use it with our mobile app, so that those in a warehouse or even out visiting clients or on a different site could call for help. Or, use our Big Green Button product to create dedicated hardware alert points throughout your office.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS)

Case Study: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Find out how Little Green Button was successfully deployed across multiple NCDHHS sites.

Key Benefits for Offices



Keep other patients calm by pressing a silent notification alarm to summon assistance.



Define escalation groups, locations and escalation paths and select from a range of alert types to always get the right response.

Easy to install and use

Simple one-click interface means no hassle for your staff.

Works even without internet

Works using a local network, so even if your internet goes down, you’re still protected.

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