De paniekknop op uw PC of mobiel

Little Green Button is de eenvoudig te gebruiken originele alarmknop software op je scherm, ontworpen om medewerkers te beschermen. Met de kleine groene knop heeft u de geruststelling dat een helpende hand slechts een klik verwijderd is.


Keeping Charity Staff and Volunteers Safe With Little Green Button

Protecting all those who work in the non-profit sector with our software based panic alarm solution

Little Green Button’s panic alarm software is designed to help those in the non-profit sector keep their buildings and staff safe and secure. Our affordable software-based solution is customisable, easy to use and offers robust protection, allowing for quick responses to any incidents that may occur.

Amongst the non-profit sector, with vulnerable people, public access to buildings and potentially sensitive political issues that charity workers have to contend with, it’s vital to put the safety and security of all those on your premises first. That’s why Little Green Button’s software is so essential.

What is Little Green Button?

The Little Green Button is a piece of software that operates using your existing IT infrastructure to provide an easy-to-use and robust panic alarm solution.

It works using laptops, desktops or our mobile phone app, allowing members of staff across any of your locations to use the system to call for assistance if required. Other people will then be quickly alerted to respond to deal with the issue.


Our software can be quickly customised to your unique situation

At Little Green Button, we understand that no two locations are the same. That’s why we’ve made it easy to customise our panic alarm software to ensure that you can set up the right escalation paths and alerts to quickly get the right support exactly where it’s needed. For example, you could set up alerts sent from front of house to alert everyone in the building, while those sent from the warehouse or stock room to only notify a specific person.

With our new Alert Types feature, you can even set up specific types of alerts, like fire, medical emergency or intruder, so you can ensure the right people are contacted of any issues. Making sure a first aider is quickly notified of a medical issue with a vulnerable person can make a huge difference, or quickly and discreetly responding to a tense situation can provide a real chance to defuse things before they get out of hand.

Designed for the non-profit sector

We specifically designed the Little Green Button to be easy to use and customisable, so it’s perfect for non-profits, charities and other organisations with truly unique needs. It’s discreet, so you can call for help without alerting anybody else of the potential issue, and it’s always on and easy to access on a mobile phone or PC.

With Little Green Button, it’s easy to get volunteers set up quickly, or to use fixed devices as points of contact so everybody knows where to go if there’s an issue. And, we can work with you to customise the alert paths and types of alerts you’re using, so the software will work perfectly for your exact needs.

Little Green Button is available for both desktop and mobile. And, we also offer Big Green Button – a dedicated hardware button that you can place in specific locations.

Somerset House in London

Case Study: Somerset House

Find out how Little Green Button was used to help Somerset House meet the demands of keeping both a public-facing space and a young creative community secure.

Key Benefits for the Charity Sector



Keep other patients calm by pressing a silent notification alarm to summon assistance.



Define escalation groups, locations and escalation paths and select from a range of alert types to always get the right response.

Easy to install and use

Simple one-click interface means no hassle for your staff.

Works even without internet

Works using a local network, so even if your internet goes down, you’re still protected.

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