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Little Green Button is de eenvoudig te gebruiken originele alarmknop software op je scherm, ontworpen om medewerkers te beschermen. Met de kleine groene knop heeft u de geruststelling dat een helpende hand slechts een klik verwijderd is.

Ons Team

It all started with healthcare.

The Little Green Button was originally developed with the healthcare sector in mind. However, it soon became apparent that there is great need for this kind of application across businesses of all kinds – from doctors surgeries and schools to real estate and federal and state government, in fact anywhere dealing with members of the public – and so the technology was adapted to suit any situation where someone working on their own might benefit from the help of a colleague in any situation which is causing them concern.


Used by more than 50,000 people

Today, the Little Green Button is used with confidence by more than 50,000 people throughout the world. Customers have found many creative uses for the system – one of the most popular is to summon help for medical emergencies so the patient does not have to be left on their own whilst help is sought.

We’re proud of the number of people being protected in their workplace by this simple yet effective technology and urge you all to sign up to a free trial and see just how well it works.

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