Please note, this release has been postponed until Wednesday 18th April at 10 am BST, due to an operational setback. We are committed to providing our customers with a great Little Green Button experience, so we feel it’s best on this occasion to hold fire, make some tweaks, and release the update later.
We will keep updates posted on our status page.
The delay will not affect any Little Green Button functionality.
Please keep checking our status page for updates, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.



We are excited to announce that a Little Green Button update is scheduled for release on Monday 16th April 2018 at 11am BST. The release provides an upgrade to your Little Green Button management page and the bridge servers.

You can access your management page by right-clicking any installed Little Green Button, going to Licensing, then clicking View/Amend details. This will open the management page, where you can login.

Also on the 16th April, a new version of Little Green Button for Windows will be available for download, containing some enhancements. Updates include a report for installed buttons, the release of our service status page, and other adjustments to further enhance reliability. The changes will be deployed to all licences and we recommend users install the newest version to keep up to date. For users still running LGB v2 or lower, please install the upgrade, as we no longer support versions 1 and 2.  

We are expecting only 1-2 minutes downtime.


What’s new?


You can now export a file, listing all the installed buttons on your network, including information on which devices have LGB installed, your location names, and which software version is installed. You can find this report after logging into your Little Green Button management page, contained under a tab named ‘Reports’. 

Status Page

We have launched a brand new status page. This page runs independently of our website and is the go-to for finding out about status updates and any disruptions to service. We will publish any downtime or services issues on the status page. Please bookmark the page and subscribe to updates in the top right corner to keep abreast of the Little Green Button system status.

Internal Watchdog improvements

This involves changes to how we monitor the health of the Little Green Button service and restart affected components.

Other general maintenance

These changes allow for enhanced reliability of Little Green Button services; failover between bridge servers is improved and service startup sequence reliability is enhanced.


What do I need to do?

Check LGB version

While an update to release 0019 for our v3 users is optional, we do recommend you keep up to date with the latest versions as much as possible. You can update your account on your management page, under config > other, where you can set a preferred version. When the buttons receive the updated siteconfig.xml file (happens automatically within 24 hours), all buttons will download the latest version. It is good housekeeping to check that you are running Little Green Button v3, as we no longer support v2. For customers who have been with us since before September 2015, please check your version of Little Green Button by right-clicking on your desktop button > About. If you are operating with v2 or less, please follow these instructions to upgrade.

New Downloads

For LGB downloads after the scheduled release 0019, the latest version of Little Green Button can be found on our downloads page.

Bookmark and Subscribe to our Status Page

To keep on top of system updates on how the platform is running and any known issues to the LGB service.

Export your Installed Buttons report

Get a list of all your installations from your management console, under the new ‘Reports’ tab.


We hope you like the latest release as much as we do! Please get in touch if you have any questions.

The Little Green Button Team