PC Based Panic Alarm System For Lone Workers

The original on-screen panic button software designed to keep staff safe. Reassurance that a helping hand is just a click away.


Keeping lone workers safe in your business

Trusted, robust panic alarm software for lone workers

Little Green Button is a software based panic alarm that’s been specifically designed to help keep lone workers safe in your business. Our desktop-based system gives robust safety options, including customisable alert types, with an integrated mobile app available that provides protection to those with no fixed location.

When an alert is raised using the Little Green Button, the software automatically pings other devices to inform them of the issue. Members of staff can then simply respond to the alert to say that they’re on their way. You can customise who is alerted using customised groups, locations and alert paths, so whatever the issue, the right people can be informed.

Your members of staff can pick and choose which group they’d like to be included in. This means roving teams and lone workers can simply select which building or location they’re attending, and the Little Green Button will then automatically channel any alerts to that group. Our Management Portal makes it quick and easy to customise groups and escalation paths.

Little Green Button’s lone worker solution is enhanced by our iOS app, which integrates with the desktop panic alarm solution and offers location tracking and maps to ensure lone workers are protected across your premises. The app also offers customisable vibration alert settings, and it’s easy to get members of staff set up, as the app can be activated using a simple QR code.

Our Alert Types feature means lone workers can get the right information out quickly and effectively, with selectable alert types including fire, medical emergency and intruder and customisable escalation paths for each type of alert. These can quickly alert the right members of staff, ensuring quick responses to medical emergencies or other issues.

We also offer a hardware solution with our Big Green Button product. This is ideal for fixed points of contact like entrances and exits to buildings, or reception areas. It could even be used to create fixed points that can be used to call for help at specific locations throughout a large building, like a warehouse.

Our software is robust, always-on, and works even if your internet connection goes down. It truly is the perfect solution for keeping lone workers safe and secure in your business.

Over 100,000 end users across 21 countries

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Benefits of Little Green Button’s panic button software for lone workers


Easy to Deploy

Simple set-up process using QR code for mobile app. Use existing IT infrastructure or add new hardware buttons for fixed check-in points.

Sensitive to the needs of lone workers

The Little Green Button software can be customised easily using custom escalation paths and location tagging, making it ideal for lone workers who may be roving across different locations or buildings.

Trust the experts

Our mature and robust software has been developed, tested and improved over a number of years and in a huge variety of locations across industries and sectors.

24/7 support

Our support staff are always here to help, whatever the issue.

Customisable alert types to get the right information out quickly

Our new Alert Types means lone workers can select the right alert for their needs, ensuring the right support is quickly notified of any issue.

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Our friendly sales staff are on hand to help you build your bespoke Little Green Button package. Get in touch today to give your staff the peace of mind they deserve.

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