Jul 21, 2023 | Emis, Healthcare

Little Green Button to replace EMIS panic button in hundreds of GP’s Surgeries Across the UK

Recent news about EMIS discontinuing its ‘panic button’ feature has unsettled the medical community in the UK. It’s been announced that as of 29th September 2023, those wishing to continue to use the panic button will be “required to acknowledge and accept  responsibility for known risk and limitations associated with functionality” and thus sign a waiver to continue to use the system at their own risk.

With these concerns mounting over the lack of reliability of the EMIS panic button as well as the impact of escalating patient aggression, Little Green Button is uniquely positioned to meet this urgent demand. The software was specifically developed to meet the need for a reliable, immediate help system in aggressive or emergency situations, with staff safety for health professionals at the very core of its inception. Little Green Button understands the unique challenges faced by healthcare staff, and it strives to make their safety its utmost priority.

This bespoke safety system is primed to replace EMIS in thousands of healthcare settings, and with good reason. Not just an add-on feature to another IT suite, Little Green Button is specifically and precisely tailored to prioritise staff and patient safety.


Superior Safety Technology

Unlike many other alternatives, Little Green Button is not a mere add-on to existing businesses. Rather, it is a dedicated safety solution that has been meticulously crafted to ensure the utmost security and safety of staff and patients. Little Green Button stands out from the competition with its technologically advanced and bespoke nature. It goes beyond being a simple online panic button alarm; it’s a dedicated lifeline for healthcare professionals. Sitting on top of other programmes, this button offers an immediate call for help, ensuring a silent and swift response during emergencies, without needing to be logged onto a specific screen.

The technology’s robustness is proven by a Trustpilot score of 4.6, a testament to Little Green Button’s reliability. This confidence is echoed by 2,500 clients who have trusted this service, protecting over 100,000 staff across 219 UK Trusts and 42 ICBs over an 18-year period.


Adaptable and Comprehensive Coverage

One of the key features of Little Green Button is its flexibility. It enables customised escalation paths, allowing staff members to alert the right people according to the nature of the problem. With a range of customisable alert types, including fire, medical emergency, violence alert, and general assistance, healthcare staff can quickly and easily summon the appropriate personnel in case of an emergency.

Even without internet access, Little Green Button remains operational, sending out notifications for lockdown procedures, medical emergencies, and intruder alerts, thus ensuring uninterrupted safety coverage.


In-Depth Reporting, Accreditation and International Recognition

Little Green Button’s dedicated approach to safety is further exemplified by its comprehensive portal, which includes a detailed reporting module. This proactive safety management tool allows users to see how many alerts were raised, when, where, by whom, and the response time. Such detailed reporting can help identify patterns, trends, and areas requiring attention, allowing for data-driven decision-making to strengthen safety protocols.

In recognition of their commitment to quality and security, Little Green Button holds several accreditations, including Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate, which thorough evaluation encompasses the five key areas of cybersecurity, as well as additional aspects like incident response and secure development, and the Crest Accredited Penetration Testing, which empowers Little Green Button to ensure the impenetrability of their systems and networks, by rigorous testing to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks of attacks, and enhance compliance with security regulations. 

These accreditations increase customer confidence, reduce risk, and improve compliance, underscoring the organisation’s dedication to data protection.

Little Green Button’s commitment to safety has garnered industry recognition, with a shortlisting for this year’s SaaS awards in three categories: Highest Customer Satisfaction with a SaaS Product, Best SaaS Product for Health & Safety or Risk Management, and Bespoke SaaS Solution Of The Year.

A Pioneering Move Towards a Safer Future

Little Green Button’s robustness and reliability ensure that in times of need, it can be depended upon. During an emergency, medical professionals require the certainty that their call for help will be recognised immediately, without any technical hiccups. This is precisely what Little Green Button guarantees.

And the commitment to safety shines through in every aspect of its design and functionality. The bespoke nature of this system allows for constant refinement and adaptation, meeting the evolving needs of the medical community. It serves as a lifeline – a beacon of safety and assurance for healthcare professionals operating in high-stress, potentially hazardous situations. In contrast to some of its competitors, it’s more than an add on to an existing system that focuses on other areas of clinical functionality, the focus of Little Green Button is prioritising safety above all else. Some of the core areas it exceeds competitor function can be found here.

As EMIS begins to phase out its panic button feature this year, the need for a robust and reliable replacement safety solution grows. Little Green Button stands ready to meet this need, offering a specialised safety system that prioritises and protects staff and patients alike. This service is more than a mere replacement safety system; it’s an investment in a safer future for healthcare professionals and their patients.


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