The fully monitored Alarm Response Centre, from Little Green Button.


Our alarm
response centre

Monitored 24/7 by a team of friendly, highly skilled and qualified experts. They’re focussed on protecting your staff, giving you the reassurance that your team always has someone looking out for their safety and security. This is an addition to your Little Green Button software.

Hi Misha, we can see you have raised a fire alert?
Emergency services are on their way!

Protecting your team

If the worst should happen and an alert is raised, LGB Lighthouse is always there to respond, seamlessly integrating with your LGB Panic Alarm software and health and safety procedures, providing an extra layer of protection for your team.

If something happens at your site or business, we will do whatever it takes to help keep your staff safe. We work closely with local authorities and first responders to help coordinate an appropriate response for your team. You can trust us to react quickly and efficiently to make sure you and those you care for are supported during an incident, no matter where or when.

Get the help you need

Our response team will co-ordinate with local authorities and first responders

Simple set up

Quick and easy to get set up

Easy to use

Seamlessly integrates with your LGB panic alarm software.


Works with your existing IT or phone infrastructure

Always ready

Our centre is monitored 24/7 and always ready to help.

Extra Support

Get extra help when you need it from our response team

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