How protecting new hires can lower employee turnover

A well-protected employee feels content, safe and secure. Studies also show that happy workers are more likely to be productive on the job. Positive energy from workers easily radiates to customers and can permeate an entire working environment.

To encourage a happy, positive working staff, proprietors must take proper steps to ensure employees feel safe and secure. Maintaining safe working conditions is a prominent focus for most companies. Accidents and conflict situations while at work are events that all businesses want (or should) want to prevent. Not just because they’re obliged but also because happy and secure employees will likely spend their time encouraging a positive and safe culture throughout the company. Ensuring safety in the workforce can also repay the company with benefits beyond expected effects on production and absentee rates.

How Can High Turnover Rates Affect Your Business?

Many businesses today are plagued with high turnover rates, negatively impacting their operations. When turnover rates are high in your business, you can expect the following to happen:

  • Loss Of Valuable Knowledge and Quality Experience
    You lose out on working with quality professionals who are experts in their fields. 
  • It Affects Profit
    When some resignations might have legal consequences, it can affect your bottom line.
  • It Affects Your Business’s Productivity
    Frequent resignations can hit your business operations, as the remaining staff members would have to perform other tasks separate from their main duties. 
  • Loss of Morale for Remaining Workers
    Your existing workers would feel unmotivated when their colleagues continuously leave for better options. It’s just a matter of time before they leave too. 
  • Lack of Belief in a Business’s Ability to Perform:
    Your business can quickly earn a reputation for not being able to meet goals and retain customers. 
  • Loss of Funds:
    You would have to spend more each time you hire and take a new hire through the on boarding process. 

High turnover rates can damage your business drastically. That’s why you must ensure your new hires are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to help them feel secure on the job.


The Important of Workplace Safety for Employee Retention

Measuring the impact of employee wellness isn’t impossible. It is easy to observe how injuries, accidents, and uncomfortable or hostile situations can affect workers. Workplace safety and encouraging the health and wellness of staff are necessary components to overall business success. Feelings of assurance and security in the workplace significantly benefit a business and its workers.

Employers can use strategies that ensure and promote safety, installing a culture of encouragement and security. Ultimately, these changes can help the business increase productivity and quality of service from happy, healthy employees. The impact of a safe working environment extends to worker retention as well. Employers can keep employees content and reduce staff turnover by ensuring that a work environment is safe and protected from potential conflicts and altercations. Employee safety goes beyond physical walls. 

Workplace security also means providing employees with enough security measures to help them operate efficiently and comfortably. These measures should include reviewing a workforce’s emotional comfort and how other company members treat them.

New hires commonly deal with considerable pressure and the associated anxiety to their best in a new position. The last thing these individuals need is to face a wolf den of difficult customers without proper precautions in place. All employees should feel like they have the appropriate training and resources to deal with customers if a situation goes awry. Without this support, any employee can begin feeling inadequate or undervalued.  


Taking Steps to Ensure New Hire Safety

New hires deserve to feel safe and prepared for all kinds of events while doing their job. Companies should invest time and effort in ensuring new workers feel protected at all times. From ensuring workers are properly informed and trained to emergency buttons and panic alarm systems, here are steps to help make them feel safe:

Install Training Programs

New hires will feel secure with proper precautions and preparation in place for potential threatening events that could arise while doing their job. By knowing what to do, workers will be less likely to panic, approaching challenging situations more rationally. Well-trained new hires can spot potential emergencies and hazards before they occur.

Create a Safety Policy

All successful companies have installed some form of safety policy for customers and workers. However, the business should ensure that new hires remain aware of this documentation during their onboarding process.

A great way to ensure all employees maintain access to safety information is uploading it for staff download or providing physical copies when onboarding new hires. This also offers an excellent opportunity to encourage workers to ask questions about specific policies they may not fully understand.

Upgrade Security Measures

Workers feel more comfortable knowing they’re in a space with ironclad security measures. Upgraded security measures could mean traditional additions like cameras and guards or more modern emergency devices like a panic alarm button.

These are just a few suggestions for training your new hires and ensuring they are safe while they work for you. An employee who feels protected will feel valued and ready to work for you long-term.


Secure Your Workforce With Little Green Button

Who is Little Green Button? We are a company dedicated to ensuring our customers feel safe and secure while at work. Since our establishment in 2004, we have helped over 2,500 businesses worldwide to protect their employees in the following industries:

  • Real estate
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government agencies, and more.

Little Green Button understands that sensitive situations can occur during the workday and can help employers prepare employees for these instances, handling them with care and precision.

Through years of experience in the security industry, we understand how important keeping a business secure is toward positive workplace culture, including retaining the very best workers. A panic alarm system from Little Green Button works by discreetly alerting workers and security agencies of threats while on the job. The emergency button installation is a simple process, only requiring a desktop and mobile device download.

Although the panic alarm button may be our claim to fame, beyond the discreet panic button system we provide 24/7 response and mobile app alarms for remote and offsite workers as well. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe when in the workplace or working offsite as a part of their job. This is why Little Green Button commits to offering a solution for employers and their workers with the panic alarm button and beyond.

Over 100,000 people across the globe enjoy our discreet panic button and similar products. We are helping employers ensure that workers, new and old, feel safe and secure with a discreet, creatively applied emergency system. Workplace security is crucial for employees and the business itself. Little Green Button has the right approach and security provisions to help secure your workplace facility and maintain employee comfort.