Little Green Button panic alarm software: How it works

The Little Green Button is the perfect panic button for office and businesses. It allows you to request assistance quickly and discreetly from your own colleagues. It’s a small green icon that sits on your PC screen, floating over all of your other programs. It can be moved and resized so that it doesn’t get in your way.
Help can be requested by clicking the on-screen button itself, going to your System tray and clicking the icon there, using shortkeys on the keyboard or by pressing the (optional) physical Big Green Button.
This duress alarm system can work without an Internet connection and you do not even need to connect to a central server.


Step 1: Double click on the icon to call for assistance

Step 2: Alerts will pop up on all connected devices

Step 3: A colleague can respond to the panic alarm and come to your aid


Why choose this little green button

It works – a quick response prevents the incident becoming worse

Easy to install – come to the website and download the software

Easy to use – the button can be accessed quickly in an emergency due to the fact it floats on top of all running applications

Discreet – the panic alarm system can be raised in your business without the assailant knowing

Low Cost – the duress alarm system uses your existing computers and networks which keeps costs low

Always available – its there when you log on to your PC and even works if your internet connection is down

User friendly – if you prefer to use a physical panic button or keyboard shortcut to trigger the alarm, no problem

Support available – the licence fee includes access to our support team

Additional features

Optional physical panic button available

Clearly displays location where help is needed

Those receiving the alert will be informed of the number of other users available to respond to the alarm

Optional audible alarm

Alert displays a log of who has responded and when so users can decide whether to also respond

Discreetly lets you know as soon as someone responds to your request for assistance

Indicates if there are no colleagues available to respond

Available when screensaver active, even if password protected

Option to alert only certain teams or colleagues

Easy to reconfigure

Works across multiple sites and subnets

What to do if you need help

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel under threat, require urgent assistance or there is a medical emergency, simply double click on the Little Green Button icon and this will alert your colleagues through the system that you require their help. Your button turns red so that you know it has been activated. To ensure staff safety there will not be an audible alert from your computer. This is a safety feature to prevent the threat/assailant from being notified you have requested help or to prevent those you may be requiring medical help for from further panicking. You can, however, set your panic button to sound an alarm when activated if you prefer.


What happens if the panic button is activated?

As soon as the Little Green Button is triggered, an alert message pops up on every PC on the network that has Little Green Button running. It will appear above all programs and will remain there until someone responds.

The alert displays the location where the duress alarm has been triggered and the number of users currently available to respond. It can also include a phone number and map showing the location.

Little Green Button Alert Popup Red

Who should respond to the duress alarm?

Whoever is closest! A quick response can help to prevent a situation getting worse. If no one near to the location has responded, someone else should. Never just ignore the request, but only respond if you are going to offer assistance.

When someone clicks ‘respond’, the alarm message turns green and lets all users know that someone has responded. The location of the responding user is displayed (usually the person next door) along with the response time. Other users can then either click to respond or dismiss the alert.

The person who activated the duress alarm will know help is on the way when their Little Green Button changes to a smiley face for a few seconds.

Little Green Button Alert Popup

Little Green Button in your workplace

Little Green Button can be customised to suit the needs of your workplace or business. You can define the location names allocated to each area using Little Green Button to help colleagues find the person who has triggered the alarm. You can also add phone numbers and a map for each location if your workplace would benefit from this.

Start your free trial today

The best way to find out if the Little Green Button is right for your organisation is to try it. Our free 21 day trial gives you full access to the software so you can try it out for yourself with no hassle and no obligations to continue once the trial has ended.

If you’d like to continue once your free trial has expired, the Little Green Button is available from just £175 (excl. tax) per year for up to 50 devices (PCs or Android Smartphones).

How do I install it?

Installation of the Little Green Button panic alarm system for office is simple. The software takes minutes to install and as it uses your existing computer network, it provides blanket coverage of the entire office without any disruptive cabling or drilling work to be carried out.

Simply fill in the form on the Free Trial page and follow the instructions in the email that we will then send to you. Further installation information can be found here.

Our external panic button: The big green button

The Big Green Button is a traditional external panic button that works with Little Green Button. It’s helpful for users who work away from their PC. It can be installed anywhere in the room, even in the room next door. The Big Green Button is 55mm in diameter and uses a coloured LED to show its current status. The Big Green Button plugs directly into your PC and allows staff to press a physical button when they need help. The colour of the BIG Green Button changes to show its status (green for ready, red for assistance required and yellow to show help is on its way). It even works if your computer has been locked, or when the screensaver is active.

The Big Green Button costs just £19.95 (excl. tax).

Our Smartphone app

Little Green Button duress system is also available as a Smartphone app for Android devices. This app is packed with all the features you’d expect from Little Green Button’s panic alarm plus a few extras including: location tracking, maps and the ability to be alerted to an emergency by either vibration, sound or both.

Get it on Google Play