Golf Club Safety: How the Little Green Button Mobile App Could Help Your Staff Work Safer

May 27, 2021 | Panic Alarm, Safety and Security, Workplace Violence

With the Little Green Button app, available for Android and iOS, everyone can have a working panic button in their pocket. The system is fully wireless and doesn’t require you to install any hardware. It’s easy to get started: simply download and activate the app.

In an emergency, just press the button in the app, and your colleagues will immediately see that you need help. They can also see your location – and tap on their app to let you know that help is on the way.

The Little Green Button app is therefore ideal for people who work alone, or who work on a large site and continuously change location. For example, the employees of a country club or golf club, who might have a large area to cover.

Medical emergency

What about if a member of your team is working alone at a location remote from his colleagues? If there’s a medical emergency where a visitor, guest or player may need urgent medical attention (or even your employee), do you have a system to get them help quickly? Simply pressing the button in the Little Green Button app is enough to initiate the procedure to get help quickly on its way.


There may some other kind of danger, or even intruders on your site. As an employee working alone, with the Little Green Button app you’re never truly working alone. A push of the button is enough to alert colleagues.

Easy to use for non-critical alerts

The Little Green Button can also be used for non-critical alerts. There’s lots of way to use it to simply inform a colleague of a situation that may require non-urgent help. For example, at a golf club if the ball machine is empty or the bins are overflowing. With the Little Green Button mobile app, you’re always in direct contact with your colleagues.

Great for use at reception

With the desktop app, the Little Green Button is also ideal for use on the PC at your reception desk. The button is discreetly located on the screen or the taskbar and can be clicked on when necessary. For example, in the event of a fire, medical emergency, aggression, or simply when assistance is required at the valet parking.

Use the Little Green Button as you wish

The Little Green Button is easy to use and simple to set up – but there’s lots of customisation possible to make this app a powerful panic button solution. You can set up the app however you want using custom alerts, and it’s easy to set different escalation paths. In other words – you decide what happens when someone presses their little green button.

Try the Little Green Button without any obligation

You can try the Little Green Button completely free of charge for 21 days. This is a full version of the software, so you can customise it however you need.

Need help? Just get in touch. Start your free trial today or reach out to our team who’ll be happy to give you a demo.