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Frequently asked questions

Is Little Green Button available in my country?

Yes – Little Green Button is available worldwide with no restrictions.

Can I purchase additional licenses?

Yes – you can purchase additional, single licenses as an addon to your plan

What happens at the end of my trial?

If you don’t cancel your trial before the end of the term, you will be prompted for payment either via invoice or by inputting card details if you wish to continue your subscription.

Does Little Green Button require an internet connection?

No internet? No problem! Little Green Button can run on your network even when the internet is down.

What devices does your mobile app support?

Our mobile app is available on both Android & iOS devices. Check it out on the Google Play or the Apple App stores now.

What scenarios is Little Green Button suitable for?

All staff have a right to be safe at work and the Little Green Button is the perfect solution to ensure this. It provides peace of mind for staff knowing that they can call for help whenever they feel the need. We have clients in all sectors from healthcare and retail to education and manufacturing. See some of our case studies here.

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