Little Green Button excels where other on-screen panic alarm systems fail

Martins Oak Surgery is based in the town of Battle, East Sussex.  Patients at Martins Oak Surgery think very highly of their surgery – a point which was highlighted following their most recent CQC report which rated Martins Oak Surgery as good in all areas.

Martins Oak Surgery first began using Little Green Button in May 2010.  They were really happy with it, but when their clinical system provided the opportunity to use an on-screen panic alarm system for free, Martins Oak Surgery decided to switch.  Martins Oak Surgery left Little Green Button in June 2013 because the clinical system’s panic alarm system claimed to offer the same reliability as Little Green Button at no cost.  An understandable decision as why spend money on something when you can get the same for free?  But can you…

Time went by and as with all alarm systems – be it fire, smoke or panic alarm systems – you never really know how well they work until you need to use them in an emergency.  Sadly Martins Oak Surgery learnt the hard way.  When a member of the public walked into the surgery making some alarming comments, their clinical system’s panic alarm system failed them.  Fortunately the situation was resolved and no one was injured, but the clinical system’s panic alarm system was “proved ineffective & highlighted a real discrepancy in coverage of users.”

Little Green Button are thrilled to welcome Martins Oak Surgery back as one of our loyal customers as of June 2017.

Carey Sinclair, Practice Manager and IT Lead at Martins Oak Surgery was delighted to hear about all the Little Green Button features we’ve developed since 2013 – especially our screensaver option (which allows you to activate Little Green Button and receive alerts even if your screen saver is password protected) and our Big Green Buttons which Carey will be installing in each of her assessment rooms.