Your All-New Mobile App: Upgrade Your Staff Safety

Our customers are our priority here at Little Green Button. We know that our panic alarm solution keeps staff safe across the world, so we take customer feedback seriously. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our brand new mobile app!

You told us that our app needed to be easier to use, more reliable, and have extra layers of security. We listened – so we’ve rebuilt our app to make it more reliable and safer than ever. The all-new interface makes raising and cancelling alerts quicker and easier, plus much more.

Let’s review all the new features and how they’ll help you keep your staff safe both on- and off-site.

New toggleable GPS map

a person holding a mobile phone with the little green button app on the home screen

We know that the GPS map is important to a lot of our mobile app users, so now you can toggle the map on or off depending on your preferences. You can now have the GPS map on at all times on your home screen, giving you peace of mind that your location is visible should you need to raise an alert.

And if you want to make the Little Green Button larger on your home screen, simply toggle the map off. It’s up to you.

We’ve also had to remove the ability to manually add locations on the app. You can now only use GPS, or select from a location that has been assigned to you from the management portal. We want to make sure that alert locations are always accurate so you and your colleagues can get help as soon as possible. However, we will migrate any pre-existing manually added locations to the new app to ensure no data is lost.

Choose your alert type, group and location directly from the home screen

It’s now easier to make changes to alerts and other features right from the app’s home screen. Change your alert type, location and group easily using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

See a live timeline of alerts

It’s now easier to see what happens within your organisation when someone raises an alert. We’ve added a live timeline, so you can see who’s raised an alert and who responds.

You’ll also see when an alert is escalated if no one answers, which can help you with training. If your first group of responders isn’t answering the alert, why? Now you’re armed with the information, you can identify when you need to offer more training on using Little Green Button and who needs that training the most.

Any user who raises an alert will also get the live timeline, so they can watch it going through any escalation paths and see who has responded.

View a log of recent alerts

From the menu, you can now access a 24-hour log of all alerts that have been recently raised or received by your device

The 24-hour log is a useful tool if you need to write a statement or timeline about an incident that happened in your workplace that day. Plus, if you notice that you missed an alert, you can go back to the log and see who responded so you can follow up with those involved.

a person holding a mobile with the little green button app open on the live alert timeline screen

Arrange help faster with the new call button

You can now get help faster for your colleagues with the new call button. If the person who raised the alert has their phone number (correctly) stored within the app, you now have the option to call them directly from the alert to get them help faster and ensure their safety. 

Stop accidental alerts with a timer and slide to cancel

a person holding a mobile phone raising an alert on the little green button app and about to slide to cancel

Accidents happen – so to prevent alerts from being raised in error, you can now set a timer to allow users the time to cancel before it’s sent.

Set a suitable timer length from the menu in the app. This time is unique to every device, so every user can set their own timer. Then, when you press the Little Green Button in the app, your screen will turn red and start counting down until the alert is sent. 

And don’t worry, you can override this if you need to speed things up – users can simply tap the button again to raise an alert immediately.

Plus, you can now slide to cancel instead of double-tapping the live alert red button. This prevents genuine alerts from being cancelled accidentally during a high-stress situation.

Add an extra layer of security with a PIN

We hope it never happens, but if an aggressor grabs your phone after you’ve raised an alert, in the past they would have been able to double-tap the red button to cancel the alert and stop help from coming. Now, you can prevent this from happening.

You can customise your app so that you require a PIN to cancel an alert. That way, when you slide to cancel, you’ll be prompted to enter your PIN to confirm that you really don’t want to raise an alert. 

Having a PIN adds an extra step to cancel alerts, ensuring that only genuine alerts are raised to your network.

a person holding a mobile phone with the little green button app open and raising an alert using a PIN

Improved troubleshooting and error messaging

a person holding a phone with the little green button app on screen, showing a connection error message

To those who haven’t had to use the Little Green Button before, a grey panic button might not signal to them that there’s a problem with the connection. That’s why we’ve added a warning message at the top of the screen letting the user know that there’s a connection issue with the button so they can rectify it.

Remember, unlike the desktop version of Little Green Button, the mobile app requires an internet connection to function. If desktop versions of Little Green Button are also grey, you should troubleshoot the issue.

Make training easier with demo mode

Now the app has a demo mode, it makes it even easier to train your team on how to use it. 

You can use demo mode on any mobile device that’s not connected to your organisation, allowing you to show your team how to raise, cancel and respond to alerts without disrupting your real panic alarm.  

Add colleagues to your licence with an in-app QR activation code

It’s now easier than ever to add your colleagues to your Little Green Button licence. Simply open up the ‘Info’ tab on your app, find the licence activation QR code and get them to scan it to seamlessly add them to your licence – no need to load up your portal on your desktop.

We’re proud of our new mobile app, but we’re always learning. We’d love to hear your feedback – let us know what you think on LinkedIn.

a person holding a mobile phone with the little green button app in demo mode on screen

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