Alert types for multiple scenarios

Enhance your preparedness and response efficiency with our diverse range of alert types from medical to security concerns.


Communicate any emergency situation swiftly and accurately with multiple alert types.

Different alert types to ensure the right procedure and response is followed when raising an alert:

Alert Type

Extra information and context around the ongoing alert

Visible Status

Our dedicated icons give a clear and concise visual prompt

Enhanced Safety Policy

Deliver an appropriate and tailored response for different alert types

Easy To Adjust

Staff can alter their alert type with a right click to ensure it reflects their current scenario

Accurate Reporting

Follow up and debrief on alert types to ensure process was followed

Assistance Required

For situations that need immediate attention but are not life-threatening. Ideal for instances where quick help is essential but without the urgency of a major emergency.


Specifically designed for fire emergencies, this alert ensures a rapid response from the relevant personnel, activating your fire response protocol instantly.

Medical Emergency

When medical assistance is urgently needed, this alert type communicates the severity of the situation, prompting a swift medical response.


Use this alert in scenarios that require an immediate lockdown, such as potential threats within or nearby the facility, ensuring the safety and security of all personnel.


In case of an unauthorised or suspicious individual on the premises, this alert helps in quickly mobilising security measures.

Active Shooter

A critical alert for the most extreme situations, ensuring the fastest possible response to protect lives in the event of an active shooter scenario.


Useful for severe weather conditions that might impact safety. This alert keeps everyone informed and prepared for necessary precautions.

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